Our story

Jazz Networks was founded in 2016 to protect against current and future cybersecurity threats.

Organizations are larger, more open, and collaborative than ever before, which in turn makes them more vulnerable. It’s no longer enough to protect against outside attacks with perimeter-based cybersecurity solutions. With insider threats being accountable for 69% of data breaches, we recognized that we needed a new approach to solve a modern problem.*

The decisions we have made

Security analysts and employees

  1. 1To address the complexities of human behavior and the endless ways to bypass security, we built a platform that uses advanced learning systems to collect and analyze behavioral data for every user on the network. In turn, we can not only detect suspicious activity—we can stop it in its path.
  2. 2To provide a complete, transparent view of the network, we created a user interface that uses big data to enable end-to-end visibility for every notable event.
  3. 3To reliably identify security threats inside and outside of the network perimeter, we developed location- and perimeter-agnostic technology.

Data center

  1. 4To give organizations full control over the network, we provide the highest fidelity and visibility on the market and enable them to be in the real-time decision path.
  2. 5To allow scaling groups to be managed as a single entity, we created intelligent segmentation that dynamically splits the network into logical partitions. This also enables policies and machine learning insights to be applied to all computers and servers related to a specific event.

Today, our robust platform provides end-to-end visibility to defend against internal and external security threats. Built with flexibility in mind, our platform can coexist with other solutions to add an extra layer of security and strengthen the security posture.

*Source: “The State of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust 2016” Accenture and HfS Research